The founders, members, and donors of EvacuateIsrael.org have come together out of a deep abiding love for the Jewish People and deep concern for their safety and continued existence on this planet.

We deeply believe that a well-intentioned Jewish State and Homeland has become nothing more than a planetary Warsaw ghetto, where the Jews of the world have been gathered, not for safety and self-autonomy, but for quite easy and simple chemical and/or nuclear final extermination.

We believe that it is of the utmost imperative that the Jewish People of Israel, as well as any other Israelis of any other religion or no religion, be evacuated from Palestine as soon as humanly possible, and sponsored and allowed via emergency status to emigrate to the United States of America, where, for more than a full century, their relatives were able to come, fully assimilate into American life and ideals, and make far better
and far safer lives for themselves and their descendants.

We believe that the acceptance of the existence of a State of Israel was a potentially fatal strategic tactical mistake by the Jewish People, and created solely by rabid and virulent anti-semitism in both Great Britain but especially the United States of the 1930's and 1940's, whose caucasian anglo-saxon protestant power structure of the time made it abundantly clear that more Jews were not desired and would be conveniently foisted off on a new Palestine free of British rule. For the Middle East to eventually “deal” with them. We believe this anti-semitism was unforgivable, and can only be atoned for by undoing the wrong.

We believe as long as the Jewish People remain in Diaspora, scattered throughout the world and the vast land area of the United States of America, they are far safer than they are or will ever be when they are gathered together in any one place. The Jews in the Warsaw ghetto, gathered there from all over Nazi Europe, thought too that they were free and safe, until the final solution and it was burned and razed to the ground with only a handful of survivors who were able to tunnel out. This is history. We believe we must all learn from it and indeed, heed the slogan
“Never again.”

EvacuateIsrael.org was formed to combat the erroneous, failed, and ultimately fatally dangerous idea that the Jewish People need a country of their own to be safe from any further Holocaust. On the contrary, such a gathering together and national State is exactly the condition needed to facilitate an ultimate Holocaust. Whether or not this was the aim of Zionism, it creates exactly the conditions necessary for such an end result.

Through education, advertising, celebrity endorsement, fundraising, and community outreach to both reformed and traditional rabbis, synagogues, congregations, and other Jewish and evangelical Christian churches, groups and organizations in both Israel and the United States, it is our aim to evacuate the people of the State of Israel from an increasingly hostile inevitably nuclearly armed Palestine and Middle East as soon as possible, with families, individuals, groups, and organizations sponsoring relatives, families, and individuals in their evacuation and immigration to the US.

Henry Kissinger and no less than
sixteen different US intelligence agencies have determined and come out publicly that the State of Israel will not exist in ten years time. We have much to do together, and time is short.

In closing, a brief personal note to our evangelical Christian brothers and sisters who maintain that the existence of Israel is “God’s will” and vitally necessary for Biblical end time prophecies to be fulfilled: We maintain that if Jesus Christ was alive here, today, now, He would be working with every fibre of His Being to avert Armageddon and against the holocaust thereof and for the safety of the Jewish People, not selfishly facilitate it by insisting they remain in Palestine surrounded by hostile peoples. And that those who deeply and honesty care about the safety and continued existence of the Jewish People would be doing everything in their power to move them to America where they will be safe and prosper far longer than they would in a hostile Middle East. And that this aim is the ultimate emulation of Christ and true Christianity as He lived it, taught it, and died for it. God Himself allowed the Jewish People to be dispersed centuries ago, not to destroy them, but to keep them safe all this time.

We believe to support a State of Israel, indeed,
any Jewish State anywhere on earth, is to support the ultimate Nuclear Final Solution, and to do such a thing is absolutely unforgivable.

Join us in convincing, evacuating, and saving all the people of Israel who will willingly, of their own free will, be saved. America is Petra; America is Zion. Amen.

Thank you for your time, support, understanding, and caring.

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